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Oculogyric refers to rotating of the eye balls into a fixed position, usually upward, that
Oculogyric crisis is a dystonic reaction to neuroleptic drugs and/or medical conditions.
persists for several months or hours. Treatment in the acute stages involves the use of
oral drugs.

The dystonia I suffer from is focal eyelid dystonia (called Blepharospasm) and is
evidenced by involuntary and uncontrolled eye closure or severe blinking. I could have
chosen drugs to relieve my symptoms, but I found a better option that was successful
for me. It did not involve drugs or Botox (botulinum toxin) or surgery. It simply is a
natural whole food that supported my body nutritionally and helped in the alleviation
limination of my dystonic symptoms.

I have been near symptom-free for over 16 years and wish to help you find relief from
your symptoms and achieve better health. The food is safe as proven by the study
conducted at Johns Hopkins.    
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Dystonia Disease
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